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Stamped Seed Head Card

Hello again! Following on from Friday , I have a tutorial for you. This shows how to build up layers of stamping to make this Autumnal Seed Head Card. It’s really easy to create!


I have used the ‘Stamp It’ stamp set containing seed heads and foliage

Stamping acryilc block

A landscape shaped card blank measuring 211mm x 115mm

A small piece of spare white card

Candi fix foam pads

Watering Can archival ink pad

Various distressing ink pads of different colours. I have used Festive Berries, Seedless Preserves, Spiced Marmalade, Rusty Hinge, Peeled Paint and Forest Moss.


You can certainly use different colours, mark them onto a spare piece of paper to check if they all go well together. You could use Black instead of Watering Can.


Getting Started

Begin by stamping the sentiment first.


Line up the words…’wishing you a wonderful birthday’ onto your acrylic block, ink up using Watering Can archival ink, and stamp the sentiment onto some spare white card.



Cut around the words fairly close, to create a banner.

MY TIP: Square off the banner at the right hand end, but cut a slanted shape on the left side as shown above. This adds a little more interest!


Stamping the Design


With the card blank positioned as a top fold landscape in front of you, just place your sentiment down in the top right hand corner, without gluing. This is just a guide to stop you stamping near the banner. Using the same Watering Can ink, stamp the ‘honesty’ seed head design at either sides, as shown above. Please do be very careful not to get ink smudges where we don’t want them!

MY TIP: I have used a similar coloured pen to draw in the stem, and a tiny line at the tip of each seed head.



Now the fun starts with a splash of colour! Grab Festive Berries or similar colour ink. Use the ‘allium’ seed head stamp and place two lovely flowers right next to your honesty, making them fairly tall. Now use the stem stamp, slightly curved onto your block to add the storks.

MY TIP: Make the stems gently bend into the center of the card. By doing this you add a natural movement to the design, plus keeping the eye’s interest in the central area.



Next it’s time for the ‘dandelion’ seed head design! Ink this one in another gorgeous colour, I have used Seedless Preserves. Position these over to the right, one higher than the other. stamp stems as before.



Now use Rusty Hinge distressing ink to stamp the ‘fennel’ seed head twice. Position these to fill the remaining gap in your landscape, at a lower level.



Find the tiny ‘daisy’ flower stamp, and ink with Spiced Marmalade distressing ink. Stamp these flowers randomly under your purple dandelions as above.

MY TIP: I have then inked the edge of a scrap piece of card, and used this as a stamp to create thin stems. Do this for each flower head.



Now you can have fun with the ‘leafy sprig’ stamp. I have used Forest Moss distressing ink for this pattern. Stamp away on the outer edges of your card. You may only need to use the tip of the stamp, as you don’t want to stamp over your honesty design. Then add a few more growing up from the bottom of your card at the sides, and then in the center.

MY TIP: Try not to stamp all across the bottom, leave some gaps.



To finish the design, use the very tiny ‘sprig’ stamp. I love this stamp! The clever thing about it is that you can stamp again and again, joining it up to create a taller ‘grassy’ design. So enjoy filling in the gaps across the bottom creating this ‘grassy’ effect. Then add more taller grass in and among your honesty.

MY TIP: I think the design works well if you leave some white space under the taller allium and dandelion flower heads.


Completing the Card


To finish off, simply add candi fix foam pads under the sentiment banner, and attach to your card.

MY LAST TIP: Before fixing the banner… If like me you use a scalpel, stab the blade in the side of one of your foam pads so the banner is held by the scalpel. Use the scalpel to position your banner accurately onto your card. You will then easily see to place smaller attachments, without your fingers getting in the way!

The Finished Card


There it is, all done! Hope you like your finished results!


Thank you for joining me with this easy stamping tutorial! xXx





  1. Kathy Wain

    23rd October 2016 - 4:06 pm

    I love this kind of stamping where you can build a whole picture from a blank space and a few inks x

    • Sue Smith

      24th October 2016 - 3:19 pm

      Thank you for your lovely comment Kathy! You are right, an enjoyable way of stamping! xXx

  2. Jane Lee

    27th October 2016 - 8:52 am

    This is gorgeous, I really must give it a try. Thank you for the great tutorial. Jane x

    • Sue Smith

      28th October 2016 - 10:52 am

      You must Jane! You will enjoy it as much as I did, fun building up the scene with using different stamps! I’d like to try it again with different colours! Thanks so much for your comment! xXx

  3. Maxcine

    1st November 2016 - 10:27 pm

    Lovely card Sue.

    • Sue Smith

      5th November 2016 - 8:35 am

      Thank you Maxine! Thanks for your comment! xXx

  4. Jan

    6th November 2016 - 5:10 pm

    Hi Sue, I love this card that you have created, it is just what I like. Those natural nature looking stamps are wonderful and the way you have layered them over each other, great inspiration, you have a real gift in coming up with new fabulous creative ideas, well done. I must buy a set and get crafting!

  5. Sue Smith

    14th November 2016 - 6:30 pm

    So lovely to hear you are inspired by my work! Thanks for your wonderful comments, and I do recommend these particular stamps! They are brilliant! xXx

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