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The Power of Three.


Hello & Welcome to my post this month which takes a look at ‘The Power of 3’, a design rule which we use (mostly unconsciously) when making cards & gifts.

So, what is it all about?

The human brain likes to pair things up, when we see a group of three objects it keeps the eyes stimulated & the brain engaged in trying to add the fourth object to make the pattern symmetrical. Things that come in groups of 3 are more visually satisfying because 3 objects have a rhythm which uses the smallest amount of information to create a pattern – you cannot make a pattern with 1 or 2 objects. Patterns of 3 are more identifiable & memorable.

There are lots of situations in life that work on ‘The Power of 3’: Triad, Trinity, Triptych.

Past- Present- Future, Spirit-Mind-Body, Art-Science-Religion, Thought-Word-Deed, Animal-Mineral-Vegetable, Red-Blue-Yellow, On The Count of 3, 3rd Time’s A Charm, Goldilock & The Three Bears, the list goes on!!!

When used as part of a design feature you can create a hierarchy by placing 2 smaller objects next to a large one, leading the eye to the centre of focus & interest…



Below are a few images of cards which have groups of 3 objects on them: Candi, Flowers, Die-Cuts, Toppers & Embellishments which create area’s of interest & focus.


















You can include 3’s in other ways too, such as ‘Gap Cards’ & using grids…


By using different ways of folding the card you can design with 3’s…




‘The Rule of Three’ can be applied to Home Décor projects too.

This includes using 3 elements to make 1 piece…


Using 3 to make 1 display…


Or, using 3 embellishments to decorate a project…


I really do hope that this has made things clearer & that it’s been of use & interesting to you. It certainly gave me some insight & understanding as to why I very often place things into that very magical pattern of 3.

Until next time,

Take Care & Happy Crafting,





  1. Sue Smith

    19th October 2016 - 2:05 pm

    Phillipa, this blog of your is terrific! Such an enjoyable read, and so brilliantly explained. Loved all your makes and cards giving us a good visual guide. Thanks very much! xXx

    • Phillipa Lewis

      1st November 2016 - 6:07 pm

      Thank you Sue, it was a joy to research as I hadn’t really given it much thought – except that I always have a habit of grouping things into 3’s!!! That explains the vast amount of previous ‘makes’ & believe me, I could have added a whole lot more xxx.

  2. Natalie Reeves

    23rd October 2016 - 6:11 am

    Phillipa this blog is fantastic and shows off (just some of) your stunning cards and projects. Always love seeing what you come up with next xx

    • Phillipa Lewis

      1st November 2016 - 6:09 pm

      Thank you Natalie x. You’re right, I could have used a load more samples where I’ve used 3’s – really had to hold myself back, but at least I know why now! Take care xxx.

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