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Chalkboard Pen board Project

Not a card from me this week, but a little project I made to celebrate the launch of the gorgeous Floral Chalkboard Collection. I love a project; it means that you can mix and match to the max and you just know all the composite parts of the collection will work together. So I created my own little pen and notepaper storage unit. Here it is:

This is how I did it:

Firstly I got my chalk paints out and achieved the crackle effect on my greyboard that came with the kit. One layer at a time, black, then the crackle glaze, then the pink, allowing drying time between each layer.

I didn’t want to cover the whole board with the paper so I adapted this gorgeous sheet of A4 to keep the corner pattern:

I stuck the new reduced rectangle over the board and added the corner feature over it using glue, trimming the overhang.

Next, I started constructing!

I followed my own template for making the half pen pot out of the crate die-cuts ( See my great Outdoors Drawers!) as it was a mini project I’d enjoyed so much and I thought how cool it would be to decorate it with bows. So I did!

I also wanted to make a box that I could attach to the front in which to store a note pad and maybe business cards, so I made myself a template which you can access by clicking on Template Note holder You might just see from the picture below, it has split sections inside, with a tab of card placed just as you might divide up an exploding box.

I positioned my two pieces on the patterned front of the notice board – note I haven’t attached it to the pink back board yet. This is because I wanted to secure them with brads, as they will be weight bearing, however light, and I didn’t want them to rely on tape alone.

You can see here that the brads give that extra guarantee that the two ‘containers’ won’t fall off under pressure.

Then I used every sticky substance I had to attach this to the main back board! A combination of extra tacky glue, red tape and anything else I could get my hands on!

All that remained, then, was to get busy decorating. I selected my letters from the bunting sheet and made some words up: ‘Just a note’ and ‘pens’, and inked round the edges in black to bring them out a little.


Flowes, bows, and some perfectly matched twine…not forgetting a few drops of Liquid Pearls and Stickles…

I also went round the edge of the board with a Promarker to even up the painting.

Lastly I made up my own little notepad and made a wrap with one of the border strips with the kit, determined as I was to include a bit of everything!

So there’s my little project! Something like this would make a great gift or addition to your kitchen or craft room.

Once again, please tell us if you’d like us to share any more projects or design ideas.


Thanks for reading and enjoy playing with your Floral Chalkboard papers!




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  1. Debbie Moran

    31st January 2017 - 4:23 pm

    This is an inspiring project. I love the black and pink crackle glaze as a background making your kit go further.Debbiex

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