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Embroidery using a USB stick

Good Morning, I hope you are all enjoying your weekend so far. Today I am sharing with you a small tutorial. The tutorial will show you how to do embroidery using the Craftwork Cards USB sticks.

What you will need?

* needle

* thread

* Craftwork Cards USB stick

* felt

What to do?

1. Print the image you wish to use. Cut around it roughly and lay it on some felt.

2. Thread a needle with thread and using the stitch of your choice, stitch around the outline of the image. Go through the paper. Change colour between the leaves and the flower

3. Remove the paper. Using a different colour thread to the outline thread you simply fill in the gaps using the thread of you choice.

4. You have completed your embroided embellishment. Add it to a card. Add it to a jean jacket, bag or any item of clothing. So much fun. Enjoy trying out this technique.

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