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Fancy a Fancy Fold?

I LOVED this fancy Art Deco card shape that came with the Craftwork Cards launch of the Deco and Decadence Collections, and the accompanying stamps. I stamped the elegant lady on white super smooth stamping card and also on a piece of the beautiful feathered paper that came with the Deco collection. I did some paper piecing and then did some simple stamping directly onto the shape to decorate.

And that’s it?

Not quite…I’ve been researching my fancy folds  – and I found something very special to put inside the card. It’s a design that’s probably been around for ages, but every time I come across something different for a card I make a template and keep it, as you never know when it will come in handy! And just as others are happy to share, so am I!

Step 1

Take a piece of 18 x 18 cm paper from the collection and fold in half, so the white side is showing. Open it up and fold in half again


Step 2

Open it up and fold ONCE diagonally with the patterned side now on the outside. This will make your mountain and valley folds.

Step 3

Open it up and bring your folded diagonal corners into the centre to meet. (you only do this once. The opposite squares (that you can see here in white) do not get folded any further.

Step 4

Turn it over and place one of the squares flat on your table. Gently close and give the the sides a push in. Your top square will easily fold down over the bottom one. Tighten all the creases.


Your concertina square (or diamond!) will now sit beautifully inside your Art Deco card blank

You can then decorate to your heart’s content!

I do love a hidden surprise in a card! I hope you do too!


Thanks for popping by!



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  1. Susan Powell-Barton

    2nd March 2017 - 6:45 pm

    What a super idea for the fancy insert, it certainly makes the card look especially elegant. Well done you. I will certainly be trying your idea out. Many thanks for sharing.
    Susan P.B.

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