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It started with a square… Pampered Pets Dog Kennel

Hello, I thought I’d let you in on a little secret today, how I made my dog kennel for the Pampered Pets Collection last month.


The kennel card itself drew a few comments, and it really is easy to make. I love the challenge of making something a little bit different out of core materials, but I thought it might be something that other people would enjoy making too. all you need is a metal ruler, a craft knife or good cutter.

It starts with a Craftwork Cards standard square card.

With the fold on the left, measure 10cm across and 10cm down the fold. Then place a ruler across point to point and draw a line, but ONLY 3cm across from each side.

Go to the bottom right corner and measure in each direction, 6cm this time.

Join each of those points to the internal points of your 3cm roof base line and you have your shape!

In order to check my lines were parallel I did draw a diagonal line from top left to bottom right, but I rubbed it out, as it’s only a measuring check.

With a craft knife or a cutter, remove the pieces as shown below.

When your card stands up, the fold is now part of the roof, but this means that your house stands up totally straight. It’s quite a clever trick.


You can see from this card that I cut myself a little doorway too, but that’s not necessary. As the houses are mostly covered in paper, you don’t need to worry about pencil marks, but remember to rub out any that you can see, for a better finishing touch!


Don’t think of this as just a kennel – this could be any new home card too, with embellishments and papers of your choice.

All from a square card too!

Have fun


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  1. Sue Smith

    14th February 2017 - 8:05 pm

    Cute idea Nicky! Like it! xXx

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