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USB Hint – Create your own coloured digital ‘Reveal it’ with ‘Julie Loves’ USB

Hello it’s Saturday! Did you receive your  ‘Julie Loves’ USB this week? I have not put mine down. I was experimenting with it and discovered I could create my own digitally coloured ‘Reveal it’. Today, I am sharing, how I did this, using my graphics program Craftartist 2.

  1.  Add the ‘Reveal It’ file of your choice got to Insert>Photo>From File

2.  I chose ‘Reveal It’ number 5

3. Re size by clicking on the image so it has the blue box around it and clicking on the corners with the mouse and using the boxes to drag the image to the size you want it to be.

4.  Now we need to add a ‘Distress It’ background. I chose ‘Distress It’ .Jewel number 4

5.  Once you have added the ‘Distress It’ you can create a background from it by clicking on the image and dropping it into the Backgrounds tab on the left side of the screen. You then need to click on the box on the right hand  side of the screen which says blend mode. There is a drop down box with lots of different effects. Make sure your image is clicked on and showing a blue box around it. Click on Overlay.

6. Now you have created a coloured ‘Reveal It’ using the USB.

Here is the finished card.

Have fun creating yours,

Love From


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