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Mary Gillingham’s Stamped Frames

We have another blog post by Mary Gillingham that I am posting on her behalf so will get right to it…

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all and feeling crafty.

I was asked by Julie a while ago to show you how I created this card with a frame for her Julie Loves Heart and Flowers show. I have at last got round to writing a tutorial on it and also made a couple more frames with stamps to show you too!

OK, so this card was made by mitring the corners – no power tools involved! Just a couple of sticky notes and your regular stamping tools 😊

Take a square sticky note, any size and cut diagonally to make 2 triangles. Basically this triangle has one right angle- which you use to line it straight against the edge of your frame and the other 2 angles are 45˚ -these are the basis of your mitre joint.

To make your frame, you can either cut one from a nesting die set of use your trimmer. I’ve cut a selection here. It doesn’t matter about the size for this technique.Take your sticky triangles and lining them up against the sizes of the frame to ensure they’re in position, go ahead and stick them to your frame. Ink your border stamp and stamp onto your frame, with the start of the stamp starting at the edge of the frame. This means you can line it up on each size the same. Turn your frame 90˚ and repeat steps 3 and 4 on the other 3 sides.

Remove the triangles and you’ll have a stamped frame with mitred corners! The important things to remember are to line up your triangle masks each time and when you start your stamping you need to line your stamp up the same each time.Taking this idea a step further, try creating large frames and using the same technique to make the mitred corners but repeat stamping across the sides!
There are lots of ways to use border stamps to create frames. Here’s a frame I made for a card recently using the Stamp It 3 Collection. The butterflies wouldn’t look quite right with mitred corners so I tried something a little different. This was a super simple quick technique!
So here I measured the butterfly stamp and added the length and height of the stamp together, like this:I stamped the butterfly border with the edge of the stamp design lined up to the left, turned it 90˚ and stamped again. Repeat for all sides and then attach to your card or project.Repeat for all sides and then attach to your card or project.Try these techniques with your border stamps. I’ve added the links where you can you get the stamps I’ve used in these projects. Where possible I try to make sure I use the super smooth stamping card from Craftwork Cards as it really is the bees knees. Sounds cliché but it is so smooth, brilliant white and the stamped images seem so much more crisp and clear. I love it!

Another way to use this technique of stamping on frames is stamping on circular frames. I’ve cut this one using nesting dies. A border stamp from Craftwork Cards and curved it on the acrylic block, the cling allows you to do this. This enabled me to stamp on the circular frame. I just used a scrap piece of paper to mask the area off when I can to joining the stamped image. Always make sure you store your stamps in their original shape to avoid damaging them, but curving the stamps for a short while to do this technique hasn’t damaged mine.Here’s some other stamped frames I’ve made just to show how versatile this technique is!

I’ve stamped mainly in black for these tutorials as you can see more clearly how to repeat this at home. I’d love to see any stamped frames you make at home, I hope you’ve found this tutorial helpful! If there’s anything else you’ve seen and not sure how to tackle, let us know and we’d be happy to explain it further for you!
Until next time – happy crafting!
Mary xx



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  1. Jane Lee

    23rd May 2017 - 2:51 pm

    Excellent tutorial, will definitely have to give this a try x

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