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Origami Jewellery & Beyond…

Hello & Welcome to an extra post from me this month which shows you how to make the Origami Wreath that was the centrepiece of the necklace which I made with the Decadence Collection. This is a photo-tutorial with a few instructions on how to assemble the wreath & how to

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Love It… Frame It.

Hello & Welcome to my post this month which focuses on the effective use of ‘frames’ in card-making. Frames are an excellent & easy way of showcasing a particular element or theme on your cards, they draw the viewers’ eye to a certain point or message, & they’re really fun

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The Power of Three.

  Hello & Welcome to my post this month which takes a look at ‘The Power of 3’, a design rule which we use (mostly unconsciously) when making cards & gifts. So, what is it all about? The human brain likes to pair things up, when we see a group

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  Hello & Welcome to my post this month which has been inspired by my recent move. Not only is the theme based on a gift & card for a new home, but my choice of materials were also dictated by the fact that like so many of us, I

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