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Block Card Tutorial

Hi everyone! ­čÖé Today I’d like to share with you a fun and relatively easy type of fold that lies flat for posting – it’s called a block(s) card. I had so much fun making these cards and hope that you will try this fancy fold. Materials: 12″x 12″ cardstock

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Paper Topiary Tutrial

Do you like, ever see projects and think, “I’m totally going┬áto┬átry┬áthat”? Well…this year I plan on making some fun projects and today it’s all about the topiary.┬á To make┬áthe┬átopiary you will need: Paper Strips;┬á Use┬átrimmer/guillotine to cut┬áany CWC paper of your choice in to 0.5 x 4 inch strips. Staple

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21st Century Digital Girl

So my son came home Saturday night and announced that he needed…ready for this…8 birthday cards and that they all need to look different. I knew I had it covered with the Craftwork Cards USB’s but good grief, how can 8 teenagers forget to buy birthday cards?! In reality they

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How Card Can it Be?

First and foremost, if ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ starts playing and the person you’re with doesn’t sing along, stop talking to them. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. ­čśÇ Now that we’ve cleared that up it’s time to talk makes, but can’t remember what I’d planned! Good

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